I write up the seed of a story inspired by Harmony’s vision.

Standing in front of street artist Retsam, I hold a Tagua nut in my left hand and and cobalt stone in my right. A tingling sensation floods my being. All thoughts but one drown in the revelation. The “keys” are in your hands. I feel light. Lifted by joy. Retsam’s face bursts into a toothless smile. He is reflecting my inner delight. 70 years of searching and inner contemplation come together. My restlessness dissolving into peace.

Around Retsam’s neck is a Tagua pendant. I see the tree carved into the ivory polished surface. The sun illuminates the cobalt infused trunk and intricate branches. My inner voice prompts me to say, “i’ll take them all” in my broken Spanish. Mandango, the sleeping warrior mountain in the Valley of Longevity, stirs as I gaze in his direction. He invites me to bring the pendants to his summit. To be purified in the equatorial sun.

“Find the cobalt children,” the voice continues. These are the children left poor and without parents all over the world. The pendant will unlock their gift and bring peace to a world in turmoil. They are the seeds of transfusion. Reuniting the spirit molecule in everyone they come in contact with.

I’m in a Ruta taxi Loja bound at 9:30 am. Front seat.

I slowly make my way to the Apple Store. My iPhone is ready just like they said it would be. All the programs and data are still there. I am surprised since they replaced the motherboard. The clerk puts my Ecuador Claro cell phone chip into the iPhone. Voila. It works. I can now use my iPhone to make local calls.

Lots of Ruta Taxi’s waiting when I am ready to go home. Front seat again.

I get the taxi to drop me off at the Vilcabamba Hosteria. I order a different steak with mushroom sauce this time. I even get to order different potatoes. What arrives looks and tastes just like the filet mignon.

Hosteria Vilcabamba Meal

I pick an envelope and my shipment from Amazon shipped using TransExpress. Only a week and half from Amazon.com to Vilcabamba. Fastest postal item yet. 

I go over to Heather’s place where we discover the vacuum sealer bags from Amazon don’t work in the FoodSaver machine. Heather is kind enough to use one of her bags to seal the chocolate I brought. I spend some quality time with Heather.

I make a new batch of cacao butter, coconut oil and rose concrete cream.