I chat with my friend Geoff in Canada via Skype.

I get a Ginna hug at the Juice Factory before heading off to Norie and Richard.

Norie, Richard and I lunch on fruit salad. Their pond just got stocked with 2000 Tilapia minnows.

With Norie’s help we make chocolate. I press the ground dried red bananas into the tray. I remove this and pour a thin layer of melted chocolate into the tray. I press the bananas back into the tray. I spread a layer of golden berries over the banana layer. I sprinkle a small amount of sea salt over this. I pour melted chocolate combined with coconut oil and tree honey over the bananas and golden berries. The chocolate seeps into the mixture. The tray goes into the fridge to set.

Norie gifts me 3 her butterfly cards which she used to raise funds during her time of illness. I bid farewell to Norie and Richard about 4:45 pm.

The Butterfly Cards

Only enough time to change and go to Shanta’s. Sabina arrives on her bike and we get to know each other sharing a pizza and garlic bread. Sabina is volunteering at Madre Tierra. She’s leaving on Sunday to go back to Switzerland (too soon I think). We speak in German. I like practicing with her. Many words come back to me.

We walk back to my place for tea and chocolate. I like her presence. She’s on her way home about 10 pm.