I show Pat how to load pictures from his phone into iPhoto.

I eat the Madre Tierra lunch special. Peter and I chat for a bit while I’m up there.

Lunch Special (Soup not shown :) )

The french baguette from the shop around the corner from the Juice Factory is chewy yummy.

I download a copy of Norie’s new book to read on the Kindle app on my laptop.

I walk over to Hamony’s place for our 7 pm get together. She serves a salad for dinner. We talk about the book idea and many other ideas & experiences. Mike, her neighbour, comes to buy the cream I made. The vacuum sealed chocolate bar goes into Harmony’s freezer to chill until it travels with her to the States.

I walk Harmony into town to use the ATM and then walk her back home.

I have to call Bernie to open the front gate because someone put the bar down which leeps me from getting in.