I work on setting up the website for buying Bitcoins by purchasing digital books via PayPal in USD’s and offering a rebate in bitcoins. This will allow me to deal effectively with people who “Charge backs” to get a refund from PayPal by claiming they didn’t receive the goods.

Pat, Ed and I eat at Charlito’s. I order the hamburger and sweet potato fries. The hambuger comes on Charlito’s bread smothered in¬†Guacamole. It really hits the spot.

Ginna comes by to pick up some of my new goldenberry chocolate and share what’s new in her life.

I head up to Madre Tierra to join in the meal and farewell celebration for Sabina. There’s salad and at least 5 different pizza’s served.


I get to know Melissa who is in charge of marketing and the spa manager.

We gather around the fire pit where chocolate coated bananas wrapped in foil are heated in the fire.

Chocolate Coated Bananas in the Fire Pit

The pool deck looks very inviting with the lighting. The baton with fire on each end is passed around for people to try their hand at including me.

Playing With Fire

I head home around 11pm.