Lots of activity just outside Pondo’s room next to mine.The lock is broken on the inside. Eddie uses the drill to bore a hole into the lock and finally with Bernie’s help the offending lock is removed and replaced.

FULL Moon fun.

The internet is down for my Mac and iPhone but keeps working in PC simulator. This is how breakfast time passes.

The internet comes back at the same time Pondo is liberated from his room.

I hear the voice of Jerri outside and get a chance to say hello, share some chocolate and exchange a couple of hugs.

At around 1 pm, I arrive at Madre Tierra for lunch and great conversation with Sabina. There is tug at my heart knowing she is leaving tomorrow. We say goodbye and I walk back home.

I nap for a couple of hours.

At 7pm I venture into the square to get some cash from the ATM. From there I pop into Pura Vida where Nate and company are playing guitar. I stay until they stop for a cigarette break.

Nate & Company

The Audience