I awake several times during the night. Church bells ringing a few times.

Leon the taxi driver picks us up at 8:30 am. Heather goes to the dentist while I go to the Ministry of Exterior. All goes well picking up the document. Leon and I go the civil office to have the clerk review my paperwork. The affidavit is missing information.

Leon takes me to a notary who refers us to a lawyer. The lawyer prepares the new document while I meet up with Heather at a restaurant called Bananas. Heather, the lawyer and I walk to the notaries office. I am told to come back at 3:30 pm to pick up the new affidavit.

Heather and I explore some shops then she rests while I pick up the affidavit.

Heather, Pat, Ginna and I dine at Tiestos. We are the only ones there at first. The chef introduces himself to each one of us personally. The sauces for the bread are delicious.  He then takes into consideration our food preferences and we are served very flavour full dishes. The place is packed within an hour and there are people waiting. We are never rushed.

Pat and Ginna come by our Hostal to check out the rooms.