Day 3 in Cuenca.

Heading into fall with the equinox today.

I awake during the still of the night. I dream of being in a room full of people. I know everyone is going to die and so does everyone in the room but no one is saying anything. I step outside for a moment and when I re-enter I announce that everyone is going to die. I see a baby girl and pick her up. As soon as do so, we are high on a Rocky Mountain type mountain standing at the top of a very steep road that is covered in snow and ice with some bare patches. The road curves out of sight. As I am thinking the best approach to take the baby down the father of the baby shows up in a pickup truck. We communicate without speaking and it is determined it is best he takes his baby down because with the truck he able to get down the hill more gradually. The baby tells me the reason she wished to be picked up was because she wished to talk.

Heather and I have breakfast at a Brazilian Cafe. We take a taxi to a mall where there is a high end department store. Nice stuff but very expensive. I buy a towel and bath mat.

Heather and I meet up with Tamera and Pat at Nectar. Yummy vegetarian food.

Heather, Pat and I go to the largest mall where there is a store like Walmart that is two stories tall. The energy drains out of me.

I go see a plastic surgeon to see about having a couple of moles removed.

On our walk back we sit with Ginna while she dines at the Taj Mahal restaurant.

Heather and I go to the new Tai Restaurant across the street. Being full from lunch, Heather and I share a salad. Pat comes in a short while later.