I am awake at 6 am.

I call a taxi and pick Heather up at 9:30 am. Off we go to Loja. A easy ride gets us to the Elite Tours location by 10:15 am. All passengers going to Cuenca arrive early and we start our trek 15 minutes early at 10:45 am.

There is rest stop along the way and we arrive in Cuenca at about 2 pm. A short taxi ride later we arrive at Hosteria Santa Fey. 

We walk around the corner to the Hari Krishna restaurant to dine on salad, pizza and veggie burger with fries. Too full, we get the “cheesecake” to go.

We walk along the river to get to the nearby shopping malls.

We are back at the hotel feeling good but tired. We read to each other.

I am experiencing a slight altitude headache.