I rise at 6:45 am and catch a taxi down into town in time to meet with Felix and Ginna at Gingko’s for breakfast. Ben mentions that someone he knows was reading this journal. So neat that someone has discovered it all on their own. That’s how synchronistic things are.

Gingko’s Cafe

Ginna has to rush her breafast so that we can meet with Walter and Susan at 9 am. We are going to their biodynamic farm along with 5 other people. Half the people go with Walter in their car and the other half go with the taxi. It’s takes about 30 minutes to get to the village where we start the walk along the river. Susan gets to take possession of her new horse which has been waiting for her.

The hose refuses to cross the bridge. I give Ginna a Yoga Backpack.

A third of the way in I pass a small black dog at a fence. He’s sitting quietly until he leaps at Ginna and bites her in the back of her upper thigh and then nips the back of the other leg. The first bite punctures her skin. I help her apply the Young Living essential oil blend called Envision. Ginna’s feels she’ll be OK and we continue to Walter’s land. We get a tour of the land and enjoy the background story about the land sitting under a sacred tree. As the others start their walk to Neverland where we are scheduled to enjoy lunch, I am inspired to offer to inscribe the word LOVE with my crystal on her inner forearm in a ceremony for her to EXPERIENCE the LOVE she is. I apply Santo Palo to her skin. I use my new ring to call the divine from the heavens as my feet pull the earths energy up from my feet. The energies flow into my body and meet in my heart center to flow out my other arm and get focused out the crystal as I write the word LOVE. I repeat this on her other arm. Each time she says I EXPERIENCE the LOVE that I AM. I’ve done this for my Sarah and Karen also.

Neverland Lunch

We all go to Neverland. A place where a group of young people are just finishing a meal. This is a place where people come to learn homesteading kind of skills. It’s beautiful here and the meal is delicious.

The rain begins as Walter conducts a short meditation before we start on our way back. We are back in Vilcabamba around 5 pm.

I eat some Chinses food with David. We are accompanied by Trina who teaches contact dance.

I meet up with Jason, Verena, my Sarah and Ginna. I stay a short time and decide to go home. It’s been a long delicious day.