Happy EQUINOX! I’ve decided to participate in the pre launch of a web phenomena that has the opportunity to displace Google. The upside is I get monthly income for life and the downside is I get on a spam list. I don’t usually participate in these kind of things but this is likely to succeed. If you want to join then please sign up with my linkhttp://signup.wazzub.info/?lrRef=2b0d6ed5.

Vilcabamba is where the indigenous people brought the warriors to heal. I feel my newly acquired process with the crystal is what I used in a past life. Those people who are arriving here have come to heal or be healed. Some go back out into the world to continue to help others become fully awake. That is why there are so many healers here both local and “gringos”.

I pull the “Skunk” from my medicine cards to set the tone for the Equinox.

I share a taxi with Marika into town and we spend the afternoon together. The rest of the day is hanging out at Monte Suenos.