LOVING the SOURCE that beats my HEART and FILLS my lungs.

Marika came down from Monte Suenos by taxi with Meredith, Sarah Sherman, Leah and Ana. We go to Gingo’s for Marika’s farewell lunch. Ana, Meridith and I ride in the cargo bay of the pickup truck. Only in Ecuador.

My Sarah is already there and Ginna shows up a few minutes later.

A taxi picks up Marika at 2:30 pm and she is on her way back to Toronto via, Loja -> Quito -> Miami.

Megan went up to Monte Suenos and is in the same room Marika had.

Thanks Megan for the peanut butter chocolate ball and the delightful note.

My Sarah finds out who the owner of the dog she’s adopted and cared for. She named the dog Patch who looks like a¬†Dalmatian.

Discovered that my friend Amanda and three other friends are friends with Steven and Laura who were attacked here on the trail up Mondango a few weeks back.