Happy Birthday Kaya!

I woke up with a sense of arrival. Coming home to center.

My Osho tarot card for today is Conditioning – individuality vs personality.

My Sarah and I – the Vilcabamba look.

I meet up with Nicky and Karen at Roots for a coffee after breakfast.

Since Nicky has an interest in architecture, I invite her to go for a walk to the honey bee hive shaped houses over by the Nature Preserve.

Earth Ship House

Once out there we decide to take the trail up the mountain. It’s a sister mountain across the valley from Mandango. There are some steep narrow paths triggering brief moments of vertigo.

At the top we sit and I perform my ceremony of writing LOVE on her inner forearms with my crystal and Palo Santo oil. I feel like a kid hanging out with my best friend while playing hooky from school.

We take a different path down and we see two large stands of San Pedro cactus. (I later find out that they are the largest in the area).

Nicky and I enjoy fresh coconut water right out of the coconut at the fruit market. On the way to the Chinese restaurant we bump into Pineapple Head who has a kilo of the finest Arrabica cacao which I buy.

Nicky and I enjoy our chinese food and we are joined by Ginna. A small ceremony ensues in the unwrapping the cacao. Delicious. I hug Nicky goodbye as she heads off to Peru. Gone as quickly as she arrived.

We go to the new restaurant opening for the first time today. It’s packed with familiar faces.

I go over to Le Rendevous to bid Verena and Jason farewell. They are off to Columbia in the morning.