I arrive at Harmony’s place at 10 am.

She brings out a platter of fruit for me to snack on. She shares her vision involving a book and supporting abandoned children all over the world. We exchange a lot of ideas and she asks me to contribute a chapter to the book. I am asked to share my experience of the divine will expressing itself through me and acting according to this inspiration.

Pamcho the local artist drops by and delivers 9 pendants he made. They are made from the Tagua seed which, when hardened, is like ivory. He shares with me the process he uses. I ask him to make me a sample based on a drawing I show him.

Harmony gifts me a cobalt coloured jar and one of the pendants Pamcho sold her. I gift her some of my cream and chocolate.

The Pendant made by Pamcho

I chat a while with Will just outside the Chinese restaurant before taking a taxi to Madre Tierra.

I order a hamburger with fries and enjoy a conversation with Sabina who is my server.

At home I grind up dried red bananas in preparation for tomorrows chocolate making with Norie.

I do my laundry.

I spend 3 hours attempting to programmatically send text messages.