Rise and shine at 7 am.

Hot shower. Water drains slowly. A small amount of water on the floor when I get out.

I pack and check out.

Breakfast at Coffee Tree. Fruit bowl, 2 scrambled eggs, camomile tea and orange juice. $7.

I arrive at Dr. Vega for my 9 am appointment. Comfy chair. Cleans my teeth using scaler. X-rays a couple of teeth to see if there is a cavity in between. Cavity free. Yay! Suggests an implant to replace missing molar at back. Cost of visit – $110. Implant estimate $1200 – $1400.

Arrive at Ministry Of Exterior by 10:30 am. My notarized (in Loja) German birth certificate is accepted. I pay $4 for my “Empadronamiento”. I am advised to return to Cuenca next week to attend at the “Cedula” office.

I meet up with Renata at the Relax Travel office. I decide against crowding in the back with two people for the 3 1/2 hour trip. After some bartering we wind up with Renata & I in one car for an extra $12. I sleep in the backseat for a while.

We arrive in Loja by 3 pm and catch a Ruta Taxi back to Vilcabamba. I appreciate Vilcabamba all the more upon our arrival.

I walk to Shanta’s and enjoy a vegetarian pizza.

Trina drops off my key.

Boot shine in Cuenca