Happy FULL moon.

I meet Renata at the bus terminal. Eda, my new landlady, invites us to take the Vilcabamba taxi with her to Loja.

I buy some roasted chocolate paste. I get some documents notarized.

Renata and I take Relax Travel 0983629898 Av. 18 Noviembre 01-78 , the alternative to Elite Tours and only a few doors up from them, to Cuenca. The car is new. Renata is crowded in the back with two others while I sit up front. I sleep part of the way. We arrive at 3 pm.

We check into Villa San Marcos which is on the same block as the Coffee Tree cafe. Spotless great room for $15. Close to everything. The place is recommended by Jerri.

Villa San Marcos – 07 2847375; Borrero 5-91 y Juan Jaramillo

We scout out places to eat and settle on the Taj Mahal restaurant for delicious spicy rice fare.

We enjoy a couple of hours and our tea at the Coffee Tree cafe before heading back to our rooms.