My first day back at the Meditation Center.

Woke up remembering that one of the reasons for staying in Ecuador for 10 weeks and returning to Canada is to heal childhood trauma. Therefore I will be returning to Toronto on April 10 th for a 2-3 weeks.

Someone told me the word “Gringo” came about when the American soldiers in “Green” uniforms kept telling them to “Go! Go!”. Thus “Green” “Go”. The Spanish way of pronouncing an English “E” is with “I”. Thus “Gr” + “i” + “n” + “go”.

I set up a separate Tumblr for Vilcabamba right here.

Created a space for people to share their experiencing of becoming their authentic self. Go here.

Yesterday I passed a house the had a “Banana Bread For Sale” sign on a shingle outside. I decided not to knock on the door but felt a curiosity about what it might taste like. My Sarah is petting a cat and there is an Ecuadorian woman standing close by watching. She turns to me and uncovers some loaves in her basket. She asks if I would like to buy some banana bread. I do. It’s moist, lightly sweetened and delicious.

I have lunch with Sarah and Karen up at Madre Tierra. Just as we’re finishing up, Marika, Sarah Sherman, Ana and Merideth who owns Monte Suenos arrive. They are there to celebrate Meredith’s 66th birthday. Jason and Verena also arrive.

I get dropped off back in town and hear my name. There is Norie and Richard.

Delightful dinner with Ginna, Jason, Verena, Pat, Megan, Kim and Roxanna at La Roca.