I work until about 1 pm.

I decide to check a recently opened restaurant called La Longevita on the main road across from the Sunday market. There’s no menu so after some mime type moves and the few Spanish words I know, I order spagetti with meat sauce. It takes a long time because she’s making it from scratch. It turns out to be delicious and just what I am hungry for.

I join Galen at Sambucha’s on my way home. His experience at La Longevita was quite different from mine. We are joined by Nadia, Chaska, Ariana and Gail.

Pat and I order a couple of juices at Cafe Terressa.

I come across a picture of me on Facebook that I remember being taken at Water Woman. Taken by a fellow named Jeff Eichen. See https://www.facebook.com/jfree1111.

New Bitcoins Explained Movie