I wrap up some work after breakfast. 

The shower pressure waxes and wanes as does the temperature of the water.

Lunch consists of rice soup, basil sauce over spagetti and a glass of orange juice at Charlito’s.

I pass by the church. There is a bamboo structure being erected. Looking closer I see it’s also fully lined with fireworks. It will be lit in celebration at 8 pm. A few members of the high school band are playing on the steps of the church.

The Fireworks Sculpture

High School Band

Church, Band and Sculpture

I nap from 2 – 4 pm then tackle the last of the work. Which gets done.

I download the Genetic Roulette movie for Chaska.

I’m uplifted by music video my friend Kathleen posts on Facebook

The rain puts a damper on the fireworks.

I feel further uplifted watching Moulin Rouge.

The rain continues gently drizzling on the roof as I drift off to sleep. Green mountains are coming again.