Katchi hangs out in my room most of the morning. Sleeping in the closet, beside my laptop and then on the bed.

Katchi In The Closet

Ginna arrives noonish. I load a couple of movies on her USB memory stick. She heads into the village. I wait for Trina before meeting back up at Sambucha’s with Ginna.

Keisha & Casey come by to deliver Ginna’s bread and sauerkraut as we’re almost finished our meal. I buy a loaf of their sourdough rye. Crispy and flavourful. It’s the best bread yet. 

I detour via the Juice Factory for a carrot, beet and ginger juice. Next, I  pick up my package of vacuum sealer rolls from the post office. Ready to send chocolate to my friends.

I finish more work at home.

Trina comes back at around 8 pm and we walk around the village and stop at Pura Vida where there’s good music. I listen from the porch because of the smoke inside.