It’s starting to feel like investing in Bitcoin is like buying microsoft or apple shares when they first came on the market.

Estimated US money supply in 2009 was 8 trillion. 

8,000,000,000,000 divided by total possible bitcoins 21,000,000 = 380,952 per bitcoin.

Article about (making buying and selling bitcoins easy using a U.S. bank account) and the founder

Investing is mathematics. Gain or loss measures demand for productivity or resources over time (people, places and things). Risk is a measure of trust. Math is the intellectual component and trust is the emotional component.  Financial ethics is the perception of benefit or harm of human endeavours.

I enjoy lunch and nourishing conversation at Jardin Escondido with Ginna.

There is rapid price drop in bitcoin as I am watching episode 7 of Touch. This assists me in discovering new aspects of buying and selling bitcoins.