Up at 7 am. No more waking to alarm clock.

I am packed and ready for the day by 8 am.

Heather and I go for a walk before checking out of the Hostal. $50 for 5 nights stay.

We catch the 11 am Elite Tours van. Which, after stopping for gas, is 30 minutes behind schedule. At a police checkpoint we are held up for another 15 minutes as the drivers paperwork is checked. Just as we pass the half way point back to Loja, a police pick up truck pulls the van over. The van has to go back a couple of kilometres to the town of Ona. The same police  who manned the checkpoint show up in another pick up truck. They take the driver away. They return with the driver 20 minutes later. One of the police checks Heather and my ID. We’re on the road again and more than hour behind. Heather is getting a headache and queasy.

In Loja, we transfer to a cab with more high speed curvy driving. We arrive  at Heathers place. She’s feeling really nauseous. I go home after making sure Heather is ok.

I unpack and do my laundry. It feels good to be home.