Year 2 – Day 325

I awake during the night to the sound of a very heavy downpour.

I dream of a holographic house framework and it gets anchored in the ground. The house is built around this framework.

I walk to Kitzia’s market and into the village before heading home. The colorful performer is playing in front of the church.


I nap.

I Skype call Stephanie, who is now in Phoenix, Arizona.

Heather and I go out to Malacatos for the fund raising event. Part of the Loja symphony orchestra performs outside.





Year 2 – Day 323

Heather and I take a taxi up to the OneWorldVilcabamba greenhouse up at Larry Evans place. Landon gives us a tour. We leave with organic tomatoes and other organic goodies.

IMG_2541 IMG_2540

We walk to Marc and Marie’s who are being visited by friends from France.

Heather and I enjoy a delicious salad made from the produce we brought back.

Year 2 – Day 319

Stephanie comes by at 10:30 am and we head into the village for breakfast at the Juice Factory.

Stephanie and I make cacao butter / vanilla / coconut butter cream.

Stephanie and I make almond / peanut butter chocolate and hazelnut chocolate and orange chocolate.


Year 2 – Day 318

I walk to Kitzia’s market and then walk to the Juice Factory to meet Amalaa who has my freshly melanged hazelnut butter. We chat for a bit until I head back to my place for a nap.

I enjoy dinner and conversation with Stephanie at Cafe Cultura.


Year 2 – Day 317

Stephanie and I take a taxi up t Sumana’s place. The house is coming along really quickly and looks very comfortable.

Stephanie and I enjoy lunch at Madre Tierra.

Stephanie and I make 3 batches of chocolate. Almond, hazelnut and mint.

Stephanie and I enjoy dinner at Mama Silvia’s.


Year 2 – Day 316

My day starts with a support call.

I pick up 4 packages at the post office. Yay!

Heather sits with me while I enjoy a Sambucha salad and mashed potatoes.

Heather and I visit Amalaa where we get to taste test some delicious hazelnut butter made in her melanger.


New picture taken by Thomas Ives


Year 2 – Day 312

I enjoy a visit with Norie.

I enjoy a Skype call with my daughter Sarah.

I host my second bitcoin meet up at Jardin Escondida with a focus on describing the potential vulnerability of bitcoin. I call it The Good, Bad and Ugly. Amalaa, Anne, Stephanie, Renata, Pat, Jim and Mohan attend.

Renata, Pat, Stephanie and I enjoy dinner at Mama Silvia’s together.


Year 2 – Day 311

I pass by Stephanie’s to wish her a happy birthday on my way to Kitzia’s market.

Chaska brings my my creams and toothpaste’s to Kitzia’s market.

I visit with Heather before going home for a nap.

Heather and I enjoy dinner at Cafe Cultura.


Year 2 – Day 310

I enjoy a visit with Marc and we are joined briefly by Mofwoofoo. Also, my 60 lbs of cacao paste are delivered.

I pick up two packages from the post office.

I enjoy catching up with Ginna while we eat lunch at the Persian restaurant.

I visit with Heather.

Stephanie makes a delicious dinner and we watch a couple of episodes of Lie To Me.


Year 2 – Day 309

Heather and I have lunch at Sambucha’s.

Heather and I accompany Kathy and Ed up to see the new house they are building. There is a rainbow that feels close enough to touch. They have a greenhouse with tomato plants 10 feet tall.

Heather makes dinner with some of the spinach from the greenhouse.

The mural painter does more work on the mural.

I receive some essential oils in the mail.

IMG_2532 IMG_2531 IMG_2530 IMG_2529 IMG_2528 IMG_2527 IMG_2526 IMG_2525 IMG_2524 IMG_2523 IMG_2522

Year 2 – Day 308

I program and read online most of the day.

I enjoy sharing a pizza with Stephanie at Shanta’s.

Stephanie introduces me to a new TV series called “Lie To Me” which I find very entertaining. We watch the first 2 episodes.