Year 2 – Day 346

I walk to Kitzia’s to meet up with Tom and pick up my organic cheeses.

Stephanie and I sample the new cheeses and then walk to the house she is renovating.

I take a nap.

Stephanie, Pat, Renate and I enjoy dinner at Cafe Cultura.


Year 2 – Day 341




ku-xlarge (1)

This is the Salar de Uyuni, the largest salt flatland in the world at 4,086 square miles (10,582 kilometers). Every year, this amazing wonderland in southwest Bolivia covers with a thin layer of water. When that happens, it turns into the largest mirror on the planet, as these photos recently taken by Takaki Watanabe show.

Year 2 – Day 340

I assist Celeste in setting up her AirBNB information via Skype.

My place gets cleaned.

Mofwoofoo comes over for a visit and Marc comes by shortly thereafter.

Stephanie makes me a delicious late lunch.


Year 2 – Day 338

I enjoy dinner and catching up with Stephanie who has returned after 2 weeks in the US. We eat pizza at Shanta’s.

I now have my new Sony Smartphone which Stephanie picked up for me in the US.


Year 2 – Day 335

I Skype with Celeste.

I pick up my 3 jars of Oro Blanco coconut oil from Madeleine.

I have lunch at Sambucha’s. Caroline, David, Pat, Renate and Mary Ann and I all share a table and conversation.

I have a nap.

I attend the New Years event at Cafe Cultura for a couple of hours before Pat, Renata and I make our way down to the square. There are effigies on display in front of many homes including a very elaborate collection that attracts many visitors. A bandstand has been set up in front of the church and a well known band performs on stage.

The new year arrives and the effigies are lit on fire in the street. I jump over the fire as is the tradition here.

Happy New Year 2014!

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Year 2 – Day 328

I make 3 batches of chocolate. Orange. Peanut butter / almond. Cinnamon / Clove / Jalepeno.

I walk to Irena and Josh’s house for the Christmas Eve party. About 40 people attend. Great pot luck food.

I walk home passed fields filled with fireflies.