The hotel owner drives me to a the cacao plantation called Hacienda El Castillo¬†which is about an hour from where I am staying. It’s got great rooms and they have 300 acres of mangoes, cacao, noni and cashews. We are served a delicious citrus sweet tasting juice made purely from the white flesh of a the fresh cacao pod. I ask for a second glass because I like it so much.
I eat a fresh mango off the tree but I decline the fresh noni because I do not like the taste of noni. There are both the arabica cacao and the hybrid. The arabica is less bitter. The guide takes a pod right off the tree and cuts it open. Delicious.
There is only one cashew at the top of a yellow fruit that is filled with sweet clear liquid.
They also make chocolate bars on the premises so the cacao plant is turned into chocolate all on the property.
I get another cacao drink before we leave. As we come down the rough driveway the car bottoms out and the oil pan gets punctured so we wait an hour for his friends to come to the rescue.
Bitcoin hits $700.
I walk to the airport and wait for Sabina and Geoff to arrive. We are happy to see each other.
I go to their hotel with them and we enjoy conversation and dinner together.
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