Happy full moon.

Bitcoin hits $500 USD.

My daughter shares some exciting news in an email.

I hire a taxi to take me to Salinas. There are fields of mango trees and bananas along the way. They really stand out in the almost dessert like conditions in the surroundings. I wonder how they get the water?

We arrive about 2 hours later at 11 am. It’s sunny and feels like a hot summer day in Toronto. I walk along the beach and gather a couple of small shells as souvenirs. The beach front is a wall of condos and hotels. There is a yacht club at one end. We head back about an hour later.

Once back, I get my driver to take me to 444 steps of Las Penas where each step is numbered and they lead to the lighthouse at the top. I get a view over a large part of Guayaquil. I can see two bridges being built to the large island that is still uninhabited.

Next is the Riviera restaurant that I read about in trip advisor. It’s an upscale Italian restaurant where the entrees range in the $15 to $20 range. The free water is sparkling and hits the spot. The tiramisu is delicious.

I go the largest mall called Mall Del Sol which is 6 short blocks from where I am staying.

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