I take a taxi to Catamayo airport. He takes me passed the win powered generators high up over Loja. This shaves 10 km and a half hour off the ride so it takes less than an hour and half to get to the airport.

The flight to Quito ahead of us is delayed and my flight to Guayaquil is impacted. The plane is a turbo prop seating about 80 people. We takeoff at sunset. As we enter the clouds there is a rainbow effect that sweeps across the landscape below. Along the way the full moon appears like a search light on the reflective surface of the rivers we pass over. 50 minutes later we land in Guayaquil.

It’s 30 degrees celsius and humid but feels great. I have to call my hostal so they give the taxi driver directions. Taxis in Ecuador don’t use maps or call a dispatcher when they are lost.

The hostal is friendly, clean and decorated in antiques.


Looks fancier in the picture than in reality.