I woke up to see that it was daylight. I had set the alarm for 5:30 am and now it is 6:15 am.
I go over to Jason and Verena’s room to see if there up to go to the market. 10 minutes later we’re off. The streets appear deserted until we get closer to the market. The stands are bustling with people. Lots of great produce. I buy some fresh cheese wrapped in a banana leaf. I also have a juice and a coffee. The juice is 75 cents and the coffee is 30 cents. I realize that the Juice Factory is charging premium prices in comparison.

Today I got the key and moved some of my stuff to my new 1 bedroom / loft house at Vlad and Elena’s place.

At 1:30 pm Jason, Verena and Sandrine met me at the Meditation Center. We then headed over to my new place to prepare some food as a house warming party. Jason made bruschetta, Verena made a mango, papaya smoothie and Sandrine prepared a salad. We sat out on the porch to enjoy the food, sunshine and conversation. Jason left to meet with someone, so I got to enjoy the company of these two wonderful ladies.

The sun sets about 6:30 pm here and as arranged, we headed back to the Meditation Center to reconnect with Jason before taking a cab up to Ichaluna for some more food and farewell dinner for Jason and Verena who are heading off to Quito in the morning.

More insight from the horse ride came through the night. When I am standing firmly on the ground the vast vistas available from the top of the mountain can be appreciated as beauty while sitting on the horse looking at the steep slope can evoke fear. I see this as a metaphor for life. When I see my life as this wonderful journey, I am amazed at it’s vastness while seen close up, fear can arise.