Monday’s are very quiet days in Vilcabamba because most of shops and restaurants are closed. I go to the town square and withdraw $300 from the ATM in preparation for paying for my stay at the Meditation Center.

After breakfast, Jason and Verena invite me to head back to town to take some photo’s. Then we go back to the Center so they can attend meditation class. They store their stuff in my room and Verena hands me a picture frame with a picture of me on horseback. Verena lets me know there is something written behind the picture. While they’re in meditation, I talk a bit with Kaya back in Toronto and relax in the Hammock. It’s like summer here.

15 minutes pass when I see Sandrine arrive. We chat until Jason and Verena emerge from meditation. Deb shows up as well. Together we head to the bus terminal. There is much silence. Deb says goodbye outside the place where she is going get a massage. There are tears in Jason and Verena’s eyes. More silence until the bus terminal. The bus pulls up and we exchange goodbye hugs and tears. Before we are done the bus takes off. I chase after the bus because they are loaded down with their stuff. The driver on the bus stops and his assistance opens the door. Jason and Verena say goodbye again as the driver honks his horn. Off they go.

Sandrine and I head to the restaurant for juices and soup. We explore our own personal evolution and awareness. Sandrine has travelled extensively and she has been on a spiritual quest for most of those travels. They sunshine is replaced by rain and we really embrace how amazing life can be. I invite her to paint a picture of what her heaven on earth would be like. It’s wonderful to share Vilcabamba with her. We arrange to meet up tomorrow at 3 pm.

At 9:30 pm I connect to Kaya via Skype. It takes some adjustments on her end before the video connection kicks in. It’s great to see her. We arrange to connect again in the morning so that I can take her for a virtual tour of the meditation center.