Happy Valentines Day! My last day at the meditation center. It’s sometime after 7 am when I reconnect with Kaya over Skype. She’s warm at home with snow outside while the clouds linger over the mountains at my end. We spend 1/2 an hour chatting and touring around the meditation grounds.

I sit on the porch waiting for coffee when Hunter emerges from his room. We chat and agree to head over to the Juice Factory together. We grab our bikes and as we pass another guest at the center, Hunter stops to say hello to them and a woman visiting with them. Her name is Karen.

Off we go to the Juice Factory. There I get a chocolate smoothie. 10 minutes later Karen arrives. She tells us that she’s just started working as the event co-ordinator for Monte Suenos ( http://www.montesuenos.org ). It’s the place I wanted to stay at before I discovered the Meditation Center. Karen and I exchange contact info.

Back at the Center, I have my coffee, say my goodbyes and grab my stuff to move to my new place. It’s a one bedroom place with a loft owned by Vlad and Elena. It’s the smaller of the two houses on their property. I exchange a quick hello and goodbye as I go into town to catch a taxi out to Norie’s place.

I show the email from Norie to the taxi driver which has the directions in Spanish. The road winds along the river flowing through the valley until we get to a driveway leading to the river. It’s $4 which is pretty far out there. The driver and I arrange for me to be picked up at 1 pm. We shake hands several times and part. I cross the river on a suspension bridge and go up an incline for about 300 feet to arrive at the butterfly gates. I can see the house and another house in the distance. I knock on the front door and Norie asks if I can come around to the back. We greet each other with a hug. Richard her husband is also there.

Norie offers me a taste of panela made from the sugar cane grown on her property. Delicious!

We settle on the porch facing towards the valley. The view is stunning. I’ve come to hear the portion of the talk she was unable to deliver at the conference. She’s if I mind if she records our conversation. No problem.

It’s a wonderful communion over a cup of lemongrass tea just pulled from her garden. Norie is the originator of the butterfly metaphor for human evolution amongst so many more evolutionary on insightful inspirations. The flow of exchange is nourishing as we realize that just by being who we are in such a heavenly place is affecting all of humanity. Something along the lines of the “hundredth monkey” theory.

Before we know it, Richard says there is someone at the gate. My taxi driver has come to take me back. 2 hours have evaporated so quickly. I say my goodbyes and exchange hugs.

I arrive back in the town square and come upon Gennie who is about to head off to Quito by bus. I run to the cafe and buy some chocolate for Gennie and as gifts to be delivered to Verena and Jason. Vlad and Elena are with a friend at the Juice Factory also. In a moment everyone is on their way and I sit my butt down to wait for my 3 pm meet up with Sandrine.

Rob the world traveler joins me to drink his green smoothie and describes his process for getting his visa to live in Ecuador. Deb arrives minutes later to join the conversation. Sometime at 3 pm Sandrine arrives and we take a taxi and go to Ichaluma.

We get a table with a breath taking view of the valley. There is lush greenery and flowers all around. My trout is delicious and so is the banana flambé. We move to the picnic table that has an even better view. The afternoon passes before we head back into town.

So wraps up another day in Vilcabama as I head off to bed in my new place.