I awoke in my new place today some time after 7 am. The water in the shower, I’d been told, can suddenly get very hot. So I cautiously had my shower. Back at the Meditation Center the shower can suddenly get cold. These things seem very minor when living in heaven.

I took care of some banking online, called my friend Steve back in Georgetown and also talked with Sarah. The Internet isn’t as good here so pictures load slowly and Skype calls make my part of the conversation unheard or broken up a lot.

I get a lesson from Vlad on how to unlock the front gate and we discuss the Internet. I verify that there isn’t some picture restriction on his Internet.

I arrive at the Meditation Center at 12:30 pm to meet with Sandrine and Deb. Bernie confirms that his internet is faster and i ask him if it’s Ok for me to use it when I need a good connection. He’s fine with that.

Sandrin is doing a ceremony tonight and she feels that she wants to travel alone to Zamura on Friday. She suggests Satrurday, once she’s settled, might be better for me to come there. Zamura is on the other side of the rain forest. It’s more humid and hot there.

Deb and I go to the place she was staying to get the rest of her stuff. We then get a bite to eat at and Ecuadorian restaurant where there is no menu. Just three choices. We both get the chicken lunch.

Deb and I wander around town. There is a circus tent being set up for Carnival. Definitely no Cirque de Solei. We stop by a place that someone told me has good coffee and they were right.

I walk to the library with Deb where she is to meet her Spanish tutor. As we’re sitting there I notice Karen walk by. We say hello and it turns out she lives above the library.

I buy some groceries and head home. Vlad and Elena are having coffee outside. I accept their offer to take care of the poodle when they fly off to attend their daughters wedding. They also say that the mother of a man who has created a zero energy machine may be coming by tomorrow. They also tell me that they met the man who was Osho’s right hand man for 14 years lives in Vilcabamba and may also be coming by.