I went to the market this morning and passed by some of the street vendors set up for carnival. Some were sleeping in the very tents they use to sell their wares. I had three glasses of what might be considered a smoothie made from a bunch of tropical fruits. I bought a pineapple, bananas and this thing that looks like a giant green bean with a thick almost bark like skin. I saw someone eating the white cotton like cubes out of one these things and I wanted to try it. I might have picked the wrong one because it didn’t have much flavor. Vlad said that they were almost out of season and that they are best right off the tree. Kids here use long sticks to get them off the tree.

I took my groceries home and then went to the meditation center to use the Internet as well as to see if Deb was around. I hung out talking about my trip to Zamora. Then we decided to head into to town to watch the horse show. I left my iPad for Susan to use.

While waiting for the show to start we got chatting with Frank who sold his house and business to move to Vilcabamba with his wife. He was tired of having to make $5000 just to get by in the States.

He talked about Cuenca, a city here in Ecuador, that he could rent an amazing condo like place for $350 a month. He warned us not to go via a realtor because the prices tended to double. He advised us to walk around, write down places that were for rent and contact the owners directly. Frank took off before the show started because his wife was home and feeling sick.

I had left my hat at home and the sun started getting to me so I went home. I had a nap then went back to the meditation center. Susan, Deb and I started talking about Osho, Tarot cards and numerology. The wind started blowing pretty strong and not much
later a strong downpour happened. That’s the first time I’ve seen that kind of wind here.