Today I went out to Matt Monarch’s place. He’e well known in the raw food community. His website is He and his partner Angela are celebrating the first day their baby Auria will touch the earth. The day is exactly one year from conception.

I’m bringing a fruit salad for the pot luck. Elena, Vlad, a friend of theirs and I take a taxi to the gated community. We arrive at Matt’s property around 11 am. There are huge electrically operated gates with monarch butterflies on them that open. Inside is a huge inground pool with two 3 story water slides attached to a deck. There is also a fenced off basketball court. Ahead of us is a house and several horses running freely. They have 8 horses for pets along with several dogs.

I looked up and there is a condor circling overhead. Which symbolically means soaring above our limitations.

Their bedroom is a giant gazebo with a glass roof and screen all the way around. Which is pretty close to sleeping outside. Matt owns several houses and lots of property.

We are directed to the next building over which is wooden gazebo like structure that is the yoga studio.. Inside are several people including Matt, Angela and Auria. We wait until everyone arrives. About 30 of us. We’re sitting in a circle. Matt describes the ceremony and invites each person to hold the pink crystal while they say a blessing or offer them guidance.

Some people sing a song, dance or share their love for Matt and family. I offer them expressions of love when it is my turn. There is a bowl of crystals that have been charged with Auria’s energy and when we’re done we can take one away with us. Osho’s former number one body worker, Bhudda, gives them a piece of Osho’s marble bed as a gift.

We go outside and watch Auria touch the earth for the first time. She cries.

Off we go to the pool deck on the second story. There are many wonderful dishes. I like the dehydrated coconut meat sprinkled with spirulina. Everything is delicious.

Turns out the cab isn’t available so 8 of us catch a ride with Jerry in her double cab pickup truck. 6 of us in the back of the truck hanging onto the roll cage bars. I ride standing up as a slight drizzle of rain starts. By the time we’re dropped off I’m wet.

I drink a couple of coffees before heading off on my next adventure to attend a men’s group. There are about 20 men. This is the first meeting. Outside we smudge one another while a light rain starts to fall. I’m amazed at how everyone is so open and vulnerable. There is a lot of language awareness some of which is taken from non violent communication and the like. There at no Ecuadorians present. The whole experience last from 6 – 9 pm. I catch a ride back into town with Jack who is planning on building a cob house with his wife.