It’s a full moon day and the newsletter suggests making it a day of rest and letting go.

Susan, Debbie, Kim, Roxanna and I take a cab up to Ichkyluma. The hostel and restaurant with a spectacular view of the valley. I chow down on some CurryWurst with fries. Susan and Roxanna decide to go for a swim while Debbie and I enjoy sitting at the bench that has the best view.

After a couple of hours we head back to the main square for hot chocolate and cake except for Susan who decides to stay behind to enjoy more of the view and the people at the hostel.

I invite Debbie, Roxanna and Kim to my place to drink some wine, eat some chocolate and cheese. Kim has brought some cards and we play Hearts. We are sitting on the porch as the rain gently falls. I show them a card trick where I can guess the card someone has chosen only by looking at it. It’s a trick based on math and Roxanna figures it out right after I demonstrate it. Debbie and Kim are impressed with the trick while I’m impressed with Roxanna’s astuteness. I walk the ladies back to the meditation center and get back home just as the rain resumes.