I start my day with a Skype call to Kaya and head off to the meditation center to do some computer stuff for Celeste. While at the center, I get a call from Marika on Skype. She’s decided to come to Vilcabamba and I answer her questions about coming to Ecuador.

I walk Debbie to Rumi Wilco, the place she was staying at before coming to the meditation center. The river has risen substantially and getting to her place is more difficult. The other road to Rumi Wilco has turned into a stream. A woman is standing in the water pointing to a portion of the property that has washed away. I don’t understand what she’s speaking in spanish but through gestures she communicates that she needs $10 to fix the damage. I give her the $10.

Debbie, Roxanna and I decide to go for lunch. I get the vegetarian plate at the new Chinese restaurant. It’s a huge portion.

After lunch we go to the library and Roxanna checks out a great book on numerology. Something the group of us were playing around with a few days ago. There are some worksheets that I have photocopied. Debbie goes home before it gets dark because it would be dangerous to walk home in the dark.

Roxanna and I park ourselves at a restaurant to fill in the numerology work sheets. Different people pass by and stop to chat. Susan and Pat join us for the rest of the evening. Again, I appreciate sitting out on the terrace with friends on a spring like evening. A chill comes along to signal the start of rain. I make it home before the evening rains begin.