Kaya and I started our day with a Skype call. I love it.

On my way to dropping off my laundry, I pass by the new cafe called Roots. David is sitting there so I ask him if it is Ok to join him for breakfast. He’s originally from Brampton, where I’ve lived for most of my life. I get to know him while enjoying my eggs over easy, toast, coffee and juice.

We walk up to Cafe Natura where my afternoon appointment with Ana is. It’s also where the Reiki Center is. We head back into town. David shows me where the shoe maker is and I decide to get my shoes polished was David heads off to his next stop.

My boots look the best ever after their treatment.

Another coffee and it’s time for my appointment. Just as I get to the gate, Ana is dropped off by a pickup. After an extensive interview about physical & emotional symptoms, we go inside to start the treatment. I strip down to my underwear and get on the massage table. Ana applies essential oils followed my acupuncture to my back, hands and neck. Next it’s tuning forks applied to different points on my back and feet. I leave feeling relaxed.

I stop by the meditation center. Meagan, who just arrived from Australia, and I head into town. She’s looking for a place to buy fruits and vegetables. I show different landmarks. I’m feeling a bit like a local as I do this.

I go home for about an hour nap. When I wake up I go back to Roots to use the Internet while enjoying guacamole and an Americano coffee. A wifi coffee shop is what I thought Would be great in Vilcabamba and here it is.

I finish my day with a Skype call to Celeste. Things are going well for her and I miss her.