No rain overnight. I think that’s the second time since I’ve been here.

I do a Skype call with my friend Duane, followed by a call from Kaya. Intake Pat to Roots cafe and enjoy a fruit bowl. David has already had breakfast but we sit with him. I pick up my laundry and I head over to see the lawyer about extending my Visa by 180 days. He takes a copy of my passport and gets me to fill out the application form. I will have to change my departure date and I will have to go to Quito for fingerprinting.

In town I bump into Debbie. I invite her to come to Shantaz with me. While I’m waiting for my salad Phoenix comes into the restaurant. She’s just finished a massage with Lola, the woman who gave me that great massage a few weeks back. I invite Phoenix to join us.

Phoenix is going to moving into the hotel across the street tomorrow. After the meal, Debbie goes back to her place and I tag along with Phoenix to the hotel. It’s quite the place. Each room has a 2 person jacuzzi bathtub.

Barack joins us on our walk back into town. We stop into Roots cafe where we are joined by Don a retired racing car builder. Everyone heads off in their own direction while I stay behind to chat with Mike & Patty, the owners of Roots. They’ve been in Ecuador less time than me. Their son supervised the building of the place before they arrived. So goes the flow of people through my life in Vilcabamba.