I had a dream last night where I Had just finished learning how to swim and I was showing people how I could swim. I did a canonball into a deep indoor pool. When I got to the bottom of the pool, my inner voice reminded me not to come up too fast. And then to my surprise, I was able to breathe normally. I double checked to make sure I wasn’t breathing in water and sure enough I was breathing AIR.

Water is emotion. The dream is a powerful metaphor for me.

I arrived at Madre Tierra at 9 am to meet Norie and Richard for breakfast. Richard and I had a brief talk about nano technology. Norie was vibrant as we talked.

The conference, number 3 in a series on preparedness, got underway at 10 am. Darren gave a great presentation on staying happy in times of crisis. He used clips from Star Wars and the Wizard of Oz to illustrate his points. Phoenix then gave an overview of her idea for connecting people in the community on a basis of expertise, resources and interest. A questionnaire is passed around for people to list these along with contact information.

Lunch bubbles with conversation before we return to the conference room. Next, several people present what they have to offer. There is fresh pressed coconut oil produced right here in Vilcabamba. A dentist from Cuenca is all about body friendly dentistry and how he can determine the organs that are affected by the tooth problem.

Christine, the author of Fearlessness in the 2012 Paradigm Shift, promotes her wellness center in Cuenca. She also guides us through a meditation to turn dark energy into light energy.

The lunch meal and information saturation is bringing on a tiredness as we approach 6 pm. I catch a taxi back into town to meet up with Sandrine. She waiting for me at the taxi stand. I am happy to see her. She bought me some bulk chocolate in Cuenca. We take a cab up to Izchaluma to meet with her friends and former employers from London England. Adrian and Corinne are delightful. We enjoy talking about travel and get quite deep into life purpose sharing.

A taxi takes Sandrine and I back to our respective homes as the rain showers down.