I start my day with a call from Kaya. She’s feeling emotionally vulnerable.

I connect with Phoenix and we arrange to meet at her place, El Toro, to explore computerized solutions for all the data she collected at the conference yesterday. I arrive at 11 am and we get to know each other a little bit better. Over breakfast we check out the solutions. By 2 pm we’ve both had enough and head into town. I’m feeling tired and bid her farewell.

I go home for a nap and I’m awakened by a skype call from Celeste. We catch up.

Monday’s are quiet in Vilcabamba with most of the shops and restaurants closed. In my optimism and need for a salad I walk over to Shantaz but it’s closed. On my walk back into town I hook up with Pat. We decide on Paradiso for dinner. I get a yummy tomato and avocado salad. Pat is very disappointed with his filet minon.