Hard to believe it’s already 4 weeks. My stomach is a little queezy and the muscles as well as the bones in my legs are starting to ache.

I go over to El Toro to meet with Phoenix and Karen. David, who’s also staying there is on the terrace outside Phoenix’s room. His room is next to hers. The three of us go over to the restaurant portion of the hotel. Karen arrives about 20 minutes later.

I’m asked to participate in Phoenix’s project in all different ways but because of my low energy condition I’m in no mood to make any kind of commitment. After about an hour and a half I’ve run out of steam and let them know that I’m going into to town for a bite to eat.

I enjoy a chocolate smoothie followed by a green smoothie. I buy some Hunza apricots and decide to head home. My muscles and bones ache more and the rain starts. It’s a good night to watch a couple of movies that Sandrine has lent me.

At 10 pm I go to bed. During the night I wake often because there doesn’t seem to be a comfortable position to sleep for any length of time.