I get up at 7 am. I call American Airlines and book a fully refundable ticket from Quito to Toronto. I feel better because now I can move forward with my application to extend my visa for another 6 months.

I go into town for more smoothy. It’s a gorgeous sunny day. I feel better.

I check on flights from Loja to Quito. It looks like there are lots of options to catch a flight on Monday morning at either 7 or 10 am. I return to the juice bar for 2 more smoothies. One of the smoothies is with Noni. That’s what I’ve been tasting that I think is rancid. That’s really good to know.

I hang out at the meditation center and catch up with Sarah via Skype.

I sit with Debbie during her lunch. She’s happy we were able to manifest brand new boots that fit her and make her journey to her place much easier.

The sky fills with dark clouds and I head home. Time for another