My dream reveals that my existence is my purpose. There is nothing to do. Just BE and respond to life.

I get up late. It’s 9 am. I check my email and still no confirmation of the flight I booked. Hmmm? I’m in the process of looking up American Airlines number when my iPad dings. Email arrives with confirmation. Note to self. TRUST.

I connect to my friend Steve back in Georgetown. It’s great to catch up. I miss our Thursday lunches. Maybe we can have lunch in Vilcabamba?

Outside, a warm sunny day greets me. Time to walk over to the Organic Fair on for the next three days. First stop the Juice Factory for my chocolate smoothie. Sitting there are Steven and Sarah. Between them is a scarf with about 20 x 3 inch long crystals. Steven is buying these to use for sacred geometry grids and intensifying the application of Palo Santo oil.

I get Sarah’s Skype address so we can arrange a meet up for me to see the rest of her crystals. I also get Steven’s info. He’s offered me a free session. Also he’s found a way to hike up to Mandango. It will take about 2 hours. He also wants to place a crystal up there.

A presentation in Spanish has just finished when I arrive at the organic conference. They’re sitting down to lunch. Nothing for me to do so I wander back. I stop at the book exchange place and decide to have lunch there. I meet Stephanie from Belgium on the 1st week of her 3 month South America exploration. A few minutes later Adrian and Corinne arrive. These are Sandrine’s friends. We lunch together. They’ve decided to do the San Pedro journey with Felicia tonight.

On the way back I stop at El Toro to see if David or Phoenix are in. I help Phoenix carry a bag to the waiting taxi. She’s off to do a Reif session for someone.

I spend some time at home and in the square. No rain and I can see the half moon.

It’s a wonderful day once again in Vilcabamba.