I love waking up here at Monte Suenos.

Ulysus, the grounds keeper, and I walk into town but a third of the way down we get picked up by his brother.

I meet Karen at her apartment. We decide to go on a Shamanic journey together. I lie on the massage table while Karen drums and guides me. I am imagining going into a cave on the escarpment near Milton. I invite a a bat to accompany me on the journey. I emerge from the darkness and find myself at the edge of a lagoon with a beautiful woman sitting on the other side. Next we are in an embrace in the middle of the water. We form a ball of loving light. I am reminded to experience love without getting focused on the source.

The bat inspired me to put a crystal soaked in Palo Santo into the cave I will be exploring on Sunday.

When I shared my journey with Karen, she said she saw a spirit in form of a man come and take an arrow out of my heart which he had speared me with during a fight between tribes living in Vilcabamba long ago. This was followed by a mountain lion licking my wound to heal it.

Sarah, Marika and I went up to my place to take a look. They both loved it. We all got to check out the meditation tower which is part of Sarah Sherman’s unit. Sarah Sherman sold me a beautiful crystal pointed at both ends.

The rest of the day was enjoying myself in the company of Sarah and Marika.

I coated the crystal in palo santo.