I woke up thinking about crystals. I knew to use the crystal as a pen and palo santo oil as the ink. I am to write the word LOVE on the forearm of people and invite them to EXPERIENCE the LOVE they are.

I enjoy a bath in the tub and put some Palo Santo oil in the water. The view out the big circle window at the foot of the bathtub is divine. I play the song Amazing by One Eskimo. Then I call Celeste and we talk for a while.

I head into town with an agenda of tasks to complete. This creates a fragmented flow and some of the task remain incomplete.

I get a chance to write LOVE on the arms of my Sarah and Karen with my Crystal pen with Palo Santo ink.

I make my first batch of chocolate with cacao powder, cacao butter, Maqui berry powder and dried banana flakes. It turns out to be a bit gritty from the banana flakes but still yummy.

Ginna, Roaxanna, Kim and another fellow show up at about 7 pm. We tour the house together and go over to Jerri’s house a short walk from here. It’s a very beautiful home where a Kirtan is being held. Great group of people with yummy food.