First dream:

A donkey is riding by on my left side. There is someone hanging on the other side that I think is dead. I move behind the donkey to the other side and see it is my Sarah. She sits up on the donkey and is fine.

Second dream:

I am in a big open field. I walk towards these giant pipes. I am separated from them by a tall fence. I walk along the fence to find a place to get through. I look up and I am now inside a wire enclosed compound. The chain link and barn wire even cover the compound. I notice large healthy samples of cacti. As I look closer they are in a ditch. In between these large cacti are many, many San Pedro cacti.

Next thing I know I am in a large office. A woman is there. She removes a ring from my finger because it is somehow interfering with something and I am required to remove it.¬†She does not notice the ring I received from Sarah which is even more powerful. There are very large screen TV’s on the wall showing lesbian and heterosexual sex pictures. Each image is first cartoon like and then life like.

I am sat at a console which has a laser like weapon beam aimed at a distant star. The woman assumes that I don’t know how to use this device and instructs me to try to blow it up. I launch the laser beam and as it moves toward the star I turn it into a powerful ball of light bigger than the star. It reaches the star moments later and blows it up.

San Pedro Cactus (tall long) mixed in with other Cactus. Same combo in my dream however the rounded leaves kind was a lot taller than the San Pedro.

I met Martha who has lived and integrated with the Ecuadorians for the last 37 years. I bought her chocolate bread and some vegetable salt that she makes.

Marika, Megan and I visit Norie and Richard at 11 am. I share the chocolate bread with everyone. Soooo good!

Richard gives us a tour of the grounds and their rental house.

Marika gets a mini Rolfing treatment.