Today I climb Mandango to Awaken the Sleeping Inca within and this is the card I pulled.


Started my journey up the mountain at 11 am with Marika and Ulises. Other people were quite anxious for as since a Canadian couple had been injured and robbed a few weeks earlier. We forged ahead anyway.

There are two trails and we took the more gradual one on the way up and the other one on the way down.

It’s a breath taking experience as we climbed from 1560 meters to 2022 meters above sea level. There are points with steep drops, slippery coarse gravely soil and paths only a foot wide.

The sun was hot and the sky filled with sparse numbers of white clouds. The air is clean and fresh.

Mandango is in the shape of a face and neck facing up to the sky and is known as the “Sleeping Giant” and is considered a sacred site by the indigenous people.

Some people believe it is a portal or vortex while others believe it as UFO site.

Cross positioned at the very tip of the nose and a few feet from the actual highest spot.

Over this spot were a group of butterflies mimicking a vortex upon arrival and the whole time we were there.

Marika stretched her arms and a butterfly landed on her heart and stayed there for about 5 minutes. A while later, and after Marika making request, a similar or the same butterfly landed on my arm and sat there a couple of minutes. 

I placed my ring, pink heart shaped crystal and quartz crystal on the cross to super charge with the energy of Mandango.

I coated the heart shaped quartz crystal which I had passed around at the last chocolate event in Palo Santo oil. I found a spot to push it into the soil. This crystal is filled with the LOVE and INTENTIONS of the people at the event plus many other friends.

Marika and I performed a ceremony and DECLARED the end of fear and violence in this area and world wide. I wrote I DECLARE WORLD PEACE on the cross bar of the cross.

I also wrote my name and my mother’s name on the upright part of the cross. I thank my mother for making this trip possible. I leave this as legacy of all the LOVE she brought into the world. She is my ANGEL.

The whole trip took about 6 hours and I am grateful to Ulises, born and raised in Vilcabamba, for guiding us. He works for Meredith at Monte Suenos.

As we walked along the road back into town a large crowd approached us in the distance. I then saw that it was a funeral procession where the coffin is carried on the shoulders of men. It’s about 2 kilometers to the cemetery. I could see men trading places to carry the coffin. A real sense of community. We detoured down another street out of respect and to let the procession proceed.

Also poured some Maple Syrup on the ground up there.

I showered and had a nap.

Karen joined us for Chinese food. Hung out with Karen for the rest of the evening.