The Path of Tao includes three ways, being itself the fourth. Much has been said about the Four Paths. We, the Gnostics, travel along the Fourth Path fully conscious. During the sexual act we transmute the brutal instincts of the physical body into will, the passionate emotions of the astral into love, the mental impulses into comprehension; and as spirits, we realize theGreat Work. This is how we walk the Four Ways in practice. We do not need to become fakirs for the first way, nor monks for the second, nor scholars for the third. The Path of thePerfect Matrimony enables us to traverse the four ways during the sexual act.

From the first to the seventh verse, the Apocalypse speaks about the coccygeal centre. In this centre is theChurch of Ephesus. In this creative centre theIgneous Serpentis found coiled three and a half times. Whoever awakens it and makes it rise through the spinal cord receives the Flaming Sword and then enters Eden.

In the Serpent is found the redemption of man, but we must be on guard against the guile of the Serpent. One should contemplate the forbidden fruit and inhale its aroma, but remember the words of Lord Jehovah:¬†“If you eat of this fruit you shall die”. We should enjoy the happiness of love and adore woman. A good painting enchants us, a beautiful piece of music can transport us to ecstasy, but a beautiful adorable woman makes us want to possess her immediately. She is the living representation of God Mother. The sexual act with the one we adore has its unquestionable delights. Sexual pleasure is a legitimate right of man. Enjoy the happiness of love, but do not spill the semen, do not commit sacrilege, do not be a fornicator. Chastity converts us into Gods, fornication converts us into demons.

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The rain stops in time for me to walk over to the Yoga Studio and experience a 2 hour spectacular Tai Massage from Lula at 7 am. There are Jasmin blossoms filling the air on the path to the studio. Lula has a tea ready for me. I’ve had Tai massages from 3 other people. This one is a long, unique and luscious.

I help Ginna move into her new “Hobbit” house close by the Meditation Center. The two storie house is a real delight and with Ginna’s touch will be transformed into a cozy home.

Lunch again with Norie & Richard at Roots. Special guest for lunch is Kim the author of several books. The conversations drifts and lows around patterns and meaning. I enjoy getting to know Kim who has lived in Vilcabamba for 3 years.

On my way home I reconnect with Karen for a tea at the Hidden Garden.

A nap is followed by a return to the Hidden Garden with Ginna, Roxanna and Kim (not the author).

The moon is bright and ready to go FULL overnight.