Last day in Vilcabamba.

Started out with all my clients back in Canada experiencing problems. Some that required immediate attention. Kind of like being reminded that I am about to be plugged back into the “Matrix”.

A quick lunch at Gingko’s with heartfelt farewells. Then on to the meditation center for more farewells.

Ana arrived at 2:25pm and along with my Sarah, I was off to Loja airport. We made good time and enjoyed a coffe at the airport.

We arrived in Quito and checked into the Travellers Inn. Sarah stayed back while Ana and I enjoyed super delicious Indian food at a restaurant that came highly recommended. The “Vilca Way” of synchronicity followed us to Quito because the restaurant was about 100 feet from the Inn.

Going to sleep early because we all are catching the 6:40 am flight to Maimi.