3:30 am comes fast. Didn’t sleep much. Easy cab ride to the airport.

The plane left about 30 minutes late because there was no Bogota radar and planes had to leave in 10 minute intervals. Delayed but not stopped. Darn.

Saw the Panama Canal below us on the way to Miami. My ears got so plugged I pretty much couldn’t hear anything both while climbing and descending. Once at Miami, the 3 of us got separated because we are all different nationalities.

Panama Canal – not my photo

Very long lines to get through border control. Then I had to go through security to get on my connecting flight to Toronto.

3 hour layover in Miami getting caught up on the blog. Extra hour delay before taking off for Toronto.

I was being steered to go through the full body scanner unit. The one that lets them look at me as if I was naked. In Toronto it clearly says “optional” but not in Miami. A friend of mine had refused to go through it and I remember reading about it on her Facebook page. So I refused as well. This requires a full pat down and then the guy swabs the gloves he was wearing and does a chemical analysis. All clear and good to go.

My congestion creates pain in my ears during takeoff and landing. This is amplified the second leg of the trip from Miami to Toronto.

In Toronto, we get through border services and customs without any trouble but it takes about 30 minutes in the long lines similar to Miami.

It’s cold here.

Due to pain in my ears, I didn’t get to sleep until 4 am. Slept sitting up. Not used to dry air from heating.