Drove out to Georgetown to do some work and then I had lunch with my friend Steve ate the Glen Oven where the food is prepared and served with a lot LOVE. We sat outside to enjoy the sun, our meal and meaning filled conversation.

Glen Oven restaurant in a place called Glen Erin

I went shopping at the big box stores for some clothes.

Passed the Gladstone Hotel where I shot my short film The Matriarchs.

Gladstone Hotel

Met up with Kaya, Molly and Dave for dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant. Even the evening is a comfortable temperature.

Here’s what Kathleen shared via email with me after our time in Kensington Market

Manny, you embody extraordinary transitional gifts you so generously share with the world, you are an outstanding man, take my word for it, 5 minutes with you is a gift for anyone… i’ve re-conceptualized my life already if you want to know the truth… should i say I work fast or is it spirit that works fast??? :)
someday, if you’ll allow, i’ll anonymously create your character in fiction to help the world understand love, our mutual understanding is enough fill a million empty hearts and as a storyteller i will find the perfect way to engage and transition people through the proper understanding of love which you yourself are helping me understand exponentially…. my heart is so full tonight, my love, thank you for your powerfully transformative gifts and the open heart that allows you to share them with us.