On my way to meet up with Marika I stopped to connect with Dollie. She’s a delightful bright star about to undergo surgery for her cancer. Her spirit is overflowing with light as she travels her journey.

Met with Marika at the Rustic Cosmo. Beautiful fusion of Vilcabamba and Toronto by us both celebrating our love of Vilcabamba while in Toronto.

Rustic Cosmo Cafe – Toronto

Marika shared what she LOVES with me. I LOVE being steeped in a CONVERSATION OF LOVE. Fueled with LOVE, Fodd and Coffee I went shopping. Infinite choices and long line ups to buy. Bought nothing.

Like bees buzzing in their hive. Dundas Square is filled with people.

ALL Directions cross walk at Yonge & Dundas – Toronto

Dundas Square – Toronto

Next up – Total Health Show for the latest in “Total Health”

Total Health Show

Surprised and grateful to see my friend Geoff at the show. Friday night is best time to go because it’s not so busy.  i buy a Vogel pink quartz crystal. I am gifted very fine chocolate by the Cacao Monkey. A beaming Christina still carries the glow of her recent trip to Costa Rica. Anson beams a smile.

Vogel Pink Quartz Crystal

So ends my immersion in the shopping experience.

NEW subway where there are no doors between all the cars in the train.